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Disinfection & Sanitation

At Jani -Serv, Inc. we want to provide our clients with a top-level of clean service disinfecting that makes them complain about State Laws including EPA guidance & CDC guidance, to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in Salt Lake City. 

We Offer Coronavirus, COVID-19 Cleanup for a commercial office building, hotels, restaurants, mall stadiums, locker rooms, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, child care facilities, office buildings, and shared workspace, and more.

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Guidance & Decontamination

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At Jani-Serv, Inc. we understand improper decontaminating disinfecting practices can be a health hazard. Environmental cleaning guidance and decontamination can help limit human exposure to the coronavirus and other viruses. Using Jani-Serv, Inc. is the safest way to ensure a complete application of the most appropriate sanitizing solutions and products of your business.

We have special training for our employees specifically for COVID-19 with proper CDC guidance disinfecting procedures. We hire qualified professionals who are experienced in biohazard disinfecting remediation, damage restoration, mold, and cleaning. Your staff will appreciate a safer workplace.

2-Step Disinfection & Sanitation Cleaning Process

Jani-serv requires all of our janitorial cleanings to do a 2 step cleaning disinfecting process. We follow the CDC guidance requirements for disinfecting. Chemical disinfectants can only work if the surfaces and materials have been carefully cleaned first to remove all grease and dirt. To be effective with disinfecting, deep cleaning with the proper product is a mandatory first step followed by disinfection. 

For disinfection, the use of diluted household bleach solutions, alcohol product solutions with at least 70% alcohol, disinfectant wipes, and EPA guidance -registered household disinfectants are considered effective. At Jani-Serv we use disposable gloves so they can be discarded after each cleaning. If surfaces are visibly dirty, they should be cleaned with a detergent or soap and water before disinfection. According to the CDC guidance, it is important to have proper ventilation when applying bleach products to all your shared workspace. You can feel reassured that we understand how to properly clean while following all CDC guidance. We are proudly serving Salt Lake City, Utah with care to our community for years to come.

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Misty R.
Misty R.
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Shout out to Jani-serv Cleaners! (jani-servinc.com) I found out on Saturday night that I needed a home deep "covid" carpet cleaned. I reached out to Jani-serv that evening and he had them cleaned by Monday afternoon. Great customer service!
Sandy B.
Sandy B.
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Jared at Jain-serv. Just a quick note to let you know that Marco Ramirez came yesterday and did an outstanding job cleaning our restrooms! I noticed on the business card he left me that he is the VP of Operations. I am deeply impressed at how you and your company responded to our cleaning request.
John Doe
John Doe
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I was looking for Medical cleaning service for my clinic in Salt Lake County. One of my referrals told me about the Jani-Serv Inc. From the first day, the cleaning was spot on. I was surprise after getting the services. They provided our company with a safe and reliable service. Highly appreciated!

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