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Benefits Of Jani-Serv, Inc. Construction Cleaning

Over 20 Years Of Experience

Jani-serv, Inc’s skilled team is specifically trained to provide construction site cleaning jobs. Our skill and experience in construction will get you the quality result you deserve. 

Full-Service Cleanup

We do all types of cleaning from debris removal, window cleaning, carpets, rugs, dust,  airborne particles, or anything you need.

Competetive Costs

It is our passion to provide quality cleaning that exceeds your expectations. Great service doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. We take great pride in offering exceptionally competitive rates! Professional post construction cleaning is available today.  

Trained Professionals

We thoroughly train, perform background checks, and E-Verify each of our employees. In addition, we are bonded and insured, so you truly do not have anything to worry about when you hire Jani-Serv, Inc for any construction work.

Our post-construction cleaning services any construction type job, office, unfinished commercial development, or home. We customize our services to the type of construction work that has taken place, and the site of construction itself. Our job is to make the final process of your cleanup go smooth. We do all types of cleaning from, debris removal, window cleaning, any type of dust or airborne particles, carpets, rugs, or anything you need.

Construction Cleaning Services

Jani-serv, Inc’s skilled team is specifically trained to provide construction site cleaning jobs. Our skill and experience in construction will get you a quality result much faster than other companies that don’t specialize in the post-construction cleaning.

Save yourself time, money, and hassle by hiring a company that has the right tools, the deepest knowledge, and the most extensive skills for the job. We are here for you even if you need a professional move-out cleaning service or help to maintain the cleanliness of your home or office regularly. Our positive reviews do speak for themselves that’s why we are happing to provide any post-construction cleanup reference if needed. You will wish we had cleaned your jobs before. Serving all of Salt Lake and surrounding areas.

We are your trusted local janitorial commercial cleaning company located in Chandler, Arizona and Salt Lake City, Utah! We take great pride in providing 100% satisfaction to our customers. It is our passion to provide quality cleaning that exceeds your expectation! Our professional office cleaning service is much affordable than you think. We can beat most competitors quote. Some of our current clients say we cost much less than the competitors! Cleaning construction sites is more achievable than you might imagine.  Call us today for a free post construction cleaning costs sheets. 


Transform your space into a haven of cleanliness and freshness with our professional cleaning services.

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Highest Quality Commercial Office Cleaning Services In Salt Lake City Utah and Surround Areas.

Any Building. Any Industry. Any Time.

In the fast-paced landscape of today’s business world, we fully comprehend the value of every single moment. We understand that juggling core operations, meetings, and professional obligations often leaves little room for additional tasks. That is precisely why our company exists for commercial cleaning and janitorial cleaning services -to alleviate your burden. We empathize with the pressures imposed by a hectic schedule and firmly believe that cleanliness should never be an added stressor in maintaining your workspace. Our team of highly skilled commercial cleaning professionals specializes in creating a pristine environment that allows you and your colleagues to focus on what truly matters: excelling at your craft.



Typical construction cleaning is in 2-3 phases. After a 3rd cleaning, we will need to make a mutually agreed upon change order budget. General Cleaning prices above and our Special Services below are all-inclusive to include but are not limited to, all supplies, materials, and equipment.

Special Services Upon Request

Floor Care $0.10-$1.00 depending on size, type, and need (Wood, Natural Stone, VCT, Carpets, Rubber and more

High Dusting (above 12ft) $0.13 SQFT

Pressure Washing $55 per hour with a $250 minimum

Construction Cleaning Scope of Work

Rough, Mid, and Final cleaning includes but is not limited to:

Windows and Doors:

  • Windows and doors cleaning on interior and exterior (glass, frames, and tracks) and exterior. Remove minor paint, glue, drywall compound, etc.
  • Remove paint spots/ overspray on wood, glass or metal, and other surfaces grilles, and mullions carefully with a straight edge 1/16” beyond the putty line (not to damage putty).
  • Clean windows and door track thoroughly, removing all debris, dusting, and scrubbing as necessary. No Razor Blades are used on tempered glass.

Carpets and Concrete:

  • Vacuum completely, mop all flooring as well, and scrub with floor machines where needed.
  • Removal of all dust vacuum all with a broom, then vacuum and mop and rinse clean multiple times.
  • Paying particular attention to using the manufacturer’s choice and method for cleaning.

All types of floors:

  • Removal of all dust vacuum all with a broom, then vacuum and mop and rinse clean multiple times. Paying particular attention to using the manufacturer’s choice and method for cleaning.


  • Wipe down walls to remove all dust and scuffs etc.


  • Wipe down walls, and railings, remove all dust, remove drywall compound and glue from landings and stairs, and hand clean stairs. We use the manufacturer’s choice for cleaning.

Cabinets and Countertops:

  • Clean and dust interior and exterior cabinets.
  • Remove glues, compounds, clean sinks faucets, misc. stickers or protective plastics.

Interior Trims:

  • Clean and dust interior trims including doors, shelves, base molding, door casing, door hardware, and bathroom accessories.


  • Clean and disinfect all toilets and urinals, clean and polish bathroom fixtures, sweep and mop, and disinfect floors, and clean bathroom mirrors with glass cleaner.


  • Remove tape, stickers, and other packaging materials from appliances.
  • Clean and dust appliances thoroughly.
  • Re-install any removed accessories and place any instruction booklets, warranty materials, and other appliance information in a central drawer.


  • Clean and dust all light and plumbing fixtures.
  • Remove any stickers.


  • Clean heating and A/C equipment, registers, grilles, and floor duct terminals.
  • Vacuum and wipe down as necessary.

Water Heat and Electric Panels:

  • Wipe down and remove stickers, and dust from the exterior.

5-Star Post Construction Cleaning Services

Re-finishing all types of floors from grocery to wood and stone
1. Area prepared by clearing obstacles such as furniture, rugs, and debris.
2. Safety precautions set up such as wet floor signs and detour routes as necessary.
3. Stripper agent that is ideal for the floor type is diluted and applied.
4. Rotary machines used by trained staff to scrub the floor as many times as necessary to remove old wax.
5. Tight spaces scrubbed by hand.
6. Stripper agent and old wax were removed from the floor using a squeegee and wet vacuum.
7. Floor neutralized using the approved citric acid base product.
8. Remaining neutralizer wet-vacuumed off the floor.
9. Floor re-rinsed with water and floor auto scrubber to ensure all neutralizer is removed.
10. Floors are ensured to be entirely dry using high-efficiency air circulators and dry dust-mopping.
11. Multiple coats of approved high-quality wax are applied on a completely dry floor as needed.
12. Air-movers used between each coat of was to expedite drying time.
13. Wax dry time monitored to ensure a complete finish.
14. All waste stripper agents, wax, and neutralizers are safely discarded

Cleaning and maintenance on Natural Stone, Concrete, and many sealed floors
1. Area prepared by clearing obstacles such as furniture, rugs, and debris.
2. Safety precautions set up such as wet floor signs and detour routes as necessary.
3. PH Neutral products are ideal for many of these floor types when diluted and applied properly.
4. Floors should be mopped in all the corners and edges with microfiber mops.
5. Cold water and a floor scrubbing machine daily depending on traffic.
6. Hot water and a floor scrubbing machine daily depending on debris, oils, etc. with a degreaser that will
keep the manufacturer warranty in place.
7. Scrubbing and applying sealants on floor type needs and type.
8. Floor re-rinsed with water and floor auto scrubber to ensure all neutralizer is removed.
9. Apply multiple coats of approved sealing compounds to be applied after the floor is dry.
10. Air-movers used between each coat of was to expedite drying time.

Note: Depending on floor types and traffic: Waxes, Finishes, Sealants, and Urethanes all have a life expectancy. Jani-Serv, Inc. can prepare a maintenance program from daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi, and annual cleaning and re-applications. Cleaning up after construction is possible with Jani-Serv, Inc.

5 Star Services

1. Windows evaluated by a technician to identify types of glass needing to be cleaned (clear, tinted,
reflective, frosted, etc.).
2. Surface of glass soaked with soap and water solution to loosen debris.
3. A gentle and mild cleaning solution uniformly applied to glass surfaces with non-abrasive applicators.
4. Cleaning solution gently removes all dirt with reverse osmosis cleaning.
5. Window frames, seals, gaskets, and other components are cleaned of any residual water or cleaning
solution to avoid degradation.
6. Throughout the process, window surfaces are carefully checked for any damage to the glass or coatings.
Our water is pure at many parts per million.

1. Non-invasive high Dusting with the ability to reach 40-foot beams, ledges, lights, and I-Beams.
2. No need to move equipment or furnishings.
3. No heavy equipment or lifts are needed. No dust is airborne.

NOTE: Ability to reach 40 feet. In certain environments, it doesn’t make sense to use a lift for many reasons. When using a lift for high dusting you have to consider the weight load, flooring that can crack, and even carpet that can get rug burns. Certain facilities generate combustible dust. Our preferred method is to vacuum the dust in a controlled manner. If you are dusting you will need anti-static dusters. If you knock down the dust from a lift that dust can fall on the lift batteries and quickly create a fire. This is just one example of the challenges with combustible dust environments. We have special vacuums that are industrial-grade and specifically made for combustible dust. Wanting the cost of post construction cleaning?  Submit a free quote today.

Window Cleaning

Reverse Osmosis
Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning
W/ Lift

Inside Window

Back Pack Dusting

40ft Vac. High Dusting

High Dusting W/ Lift

Gutter Cleaning

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Jani-Serv, Inc. is privileged to work with your company providing a number of our 5-star services with you.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Janitorial Cleaning

What is post construction cleaning?

Upon the completion of a building or renovation project, post-construction cleaning becomes imperative. This process entails a comprehensive cleanup effort to address the considerable accumulation of dust, debris, and various materials characteristic of construction sites. It requires a specialized and intensive approach, distinct from routine cleaning tasks, due to the heightened level of cleaning required.

What does rough cleaning mean?

“Rough cleaning” is the initial phase of cleaning in construction or renovation projects. It focuses on clearing the site of major construction debris, dust, and large materials to pave the way for more detailed cleaning and finishing work. Tasks such as sweeping, vacuuming, and debris removal are common during this stage, though it does not encompass detailed cleaning of surfaces or fixtures. Rough cleaning establishes the groundwork for subsequent cleaning stages, ensuring a comprehensive and polished final result.

What is building cleaning services?

Building cleaning services are designed to cater to the diverse needs of commercial, residential, industrial, and institutional structures. Building cleaning services offer a comprehensive array of cleaning tasks tailored to uphold cleanliness, hygiene, and overall tidiness within your building.