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5 star Commercial cleaning in  Salt Lake City Utah! Jani-Serv, Inc. is one of Utah’s own! We are the most trusted janitorial service company, not only in Salt Lake City Utah, but in all of Utah. We know what it takes to make your facility look its best for your clients and staff. Jani-Serv, Inc. is easy to contact, dedicated, and professional to work with.
Salt Lake City has a wide range of businesses and is exploding with growth.  Jani-Serv, Inc. delivers exceptional janitorial and commercial cleaning services across multiple locations in Salt Lake City. Our dedicated team works diligently, allowing you to relax and focus on what matters most—your business. Trust us to prioritize your space’s cleanliness and upkeep with our professional solutions


Highest Quality Commercial Office Cleaning Services In Salt Lake City Utah and Surround Areas.

In the fast-paced landscape of today’s business world, we fully comprehend the value of every single moment. We understand that juggling core operations, meetings, and professional obligations often leaves little room for additional tasks. That is precisely why our company exists for commercial cleaning and janitorial cleaning services -to alleviate your burden. We empathize with the pressures imposed by a hectic schedule and firmly believe that cleanliness should never be an added stressor in maintaining your workspace. Our team of highly skilled commercial cleaning in Salt Lake professionals specializes in creating a pristine environment that allows you and your colleagues to focus on what truly matters: excelling at your craft.

Our commercial cleaning in Salt Lake and janitorial services are designed for flexibility and adaptability, ensuring they fit seamlessly into your routine without any disruptions. Exceptional cleanliness is just one phone call away, making it effortlessly accessible through our expert care. Rely on us to handle all aspects of commercial cleaning, allowing you to fully focus on driving your organization’s success

Commercial Cleaning Services in Salt Lake

Boost the cleanliness of your commercial office with the latest technologies and procedures offered by Jani-Serv. Inc. Specializing in commercial cleaning in Salt Lake, our professional team is equipped with the right tools to ensure your environment is pristine, safeguarding your customers and employees alike. At Jani-Serv, Inc. our dedication to cleanliness is evident in our meticulous work, committed team, and steadfast accountability to you. We promise to deliver exceptional cleaning services tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

Jani-Serv, Inc. proudly serves the Salt Lake City community, providing top-tier office cleaning and janitorial services across the Salt Lake Valley. Whether it’s an office space, commercial building, retail center, or industrial manufacturing facility, our services are customized by our management team to create a perfect cleaning schedule tailored just for you. Our flexible cleaning plans range from once a week to daily service, ensuring your space remains spotless.

Our comprehensive office cleaning services in Salt Lake include cleaning of glass entry doors, lobbies, display cases and kiosks, customer countertops, bathrooms, waiting rooms, furniture, carpets, high dusting, flooring, windows, break rooms, and appliances. For the best office cleaning experience in Utah, trust Jani-Serv.

Call us today and continue to enjoy a cleaner, healthier working environment for years to come.

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Commercial Cleaning Janitorial Services

We operate based on our strict value system. As our client, you deserve nothing but the best the janitorial industry and we work tirelessly to deliver quality service.

Contact Jani-Serv, Inc. for a complimentary free estimate, and one of our skilled janitorial cleaners will visit your property for a detailed inspection. We’ll conduct a comprehensive walk-through to understand your janitorial needs thoroughly. Whether you need our services once a week or daily, including spot cleaning for high-traffic areas, we’ll customize a schedule that works for you. Once set, you can rely on Jani-Serv’s professional cleaners to be there on time, ready to cleaning. Get a free quote for  commercial cleaning service in Salt Lake City today.

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Have us come when you need us following that we can make a custom schedule based on your needs. All buildings and commercial spaces have specific needs that demand specific upkeep. Jani-Serv, Inc. accommodates any demands and services your building may require. Once we set time to clean, you don’t have anything to worry about. Everything will be taken care of. Due to the fact that we clean after hours (unless you want midday bathroom service), there is no need to raise concern over us interrupting productivity.

We at Jani-Serv, Inc. go through all the trouble so you don’t have to. Allow us to take care of everything so you have more time for exploring the beautiful Provo scenery.

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Jani-Serv, Inc. is privileged to work with your company providing a number of our 5-star services with you.

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