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ISO Level Cleaning Coronavirus Cleaning Services

At Jani -Serv Inc. we want to provide our clients with a top level of clean service disinfecting that makes them compliant with State Laws including EPA guidance & CDC guidance, to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in Salt Lake City.

We Offer Coronavirus, COVID-19 Cleanup for commercial office buildings, hotels, mall stadiums, locker rooms, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, child care facilities, office buildings, and shared workspace, and more.

Our disinfecting and sanitization effort provides protection against the Coronavirus in your business or home, in accordance with the EPA guidance, for overall health.

At Jani-Serv Inc we understand improper decontaminating disinfecting practices can be a health hazard, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Environmental cleaning guidance and decontamination can help limit human exposure to the coronavirus and other viruses.  Using Jani-Serv Inc. is the safest way to ensure a complete application of the most appropriate sanitizing solutions and products for your business. We have special training for our employees specifically for COVID-19 with proper CDC guidance disinfecting procedures. We hire qualified professionals who are experienced in biohazard disinfecting remediation, damage restoration, mold, and cleaning. Your staff will appreciate a safer workplace.

2-Step Covid Health Cleaning Process

Jani-Serv requires all of our janitorial cleanings to do a 2 step cleaning disinfecting process.  We follow the CDC guidance requirements for disinfecting.

We do a deep disinfecting cleaning before we clean.  Germs can hide underneath dirt, and other surfaces where they are not affected by disinfection.

Chemical disinfectants can only work if the surfaces and materials have been carefully cleaned first to remove all grease and dirt.

To be effective with disinfecting, deep cleaning with the proper product is a mandatory first step followed by disinfection.  This process is used to help fight against the spread of Covid-19 in commercial office buildings, hotels,  mall stadiums, locker rooms, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, child care facilities, office buildings, and shared workspace, and more.

For disinfection, the use of diluted household bleach solutions, alcohol product solutions with at least 70% alcohol, disinfectant wipes, and EPA guidance-registered household disinfectants are considered effective. At Jani-Serv we use disposable gloves so they can be discarded after each cleaning. If surfaces are visibly dirty, they should be cleaned with a detergent or soap and water prior to disinfection. According to the CDC guidance, it is important to have proper ventilation when applying bleach products to all your shared workspace. You can feel reassured that we understand how to properly clean while following all CDC guidance. We are proudly serving Salt Lake City, Utah with care to our community for years to come.

Coronavirus Commerical Cleaning Experts

Jani-Serv Janitorial Cleaning provides professional commercial cleaning in Utah and Arizona.  Our janitorial cleaning for Covid-19 meets the requirements set forth by the CDC guidance. We have over 15 years in the commercial cleaning industry. Jani Serv is always adapting to new standards and well informed about the global pandemic of Covid-19.  Our professional cleaners are well-trained to perform all cleaning procedures and will keep your office germ-free.  Our cleaning procedures generally include cleaning and disinfecting equipment, tools, and/or supplies used for the cleanup process, porous and non-porous surfaces, and disposal of waste.

This is the best method to tackle the Covid situation with proper health cleaning guidance in mind. Your staff and clients will be glad you did.

Following All CDC Health Guidance for our Covid-19 Cleaning

We are professional coronavirus (COVID-19) cleanup and disinfecting services to families, employers, staff, and communities throughout the Salt Lake City area. We clean commercial office buildings, hotels, mall stadiums, locker rooms, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, childcare facilities, office buildings, and shared workspaces, and more.

Our staff stays up to date with the Center for Disease Control guidance, following the CDC’s guidance for personal protective equipment and safety recommendations. We only use disinfectants that are effective given the EPA’s Emerging Pathogen Standard. A list of these products is available upon request.

Our staff is trained to:

  • Take precautions and proceed with appropriate personal protective equipment including gloves and face masks. We follow all CDC guidance.
  • Isolate and disinfect critical points of exposure and high-touch shared areas. We follow all CDC guidance.
  • Disinfecting, sanitizing, and protecting all other areas. mold, restoration damage, and all surfaces.
  • We follow all CDC guidance.
  • Use EPA-registered and approved products for disinfection appropriate to the situation.  The safe amount of bleach and other disinfectants. We follow all CDC guidance.
  • Properly dispose of contaminated cleaning materials such as proper disposal of gloves, nontoxic materials, and other products. We follow all CDC guidance.

Disclaimer: There are no known products that claim to kill this strain of COVID-19, our products meet the EPA’s Emerging Pathogen Standard as likely effective against COVID-19, based on previous Coronavirus strains. We can only guarantee a temporary reduction in the possibility of spread in object to-person contact.

What Is The Difference Between ‘cleaning’ And ‘disinfecting’ For Covid-19?

Covid-19 cleaning is much more than regular cleaning.  Most germs can be Clean with soap and water or a detergent that removes germs, dirt, and impurities from surfaces.  The data shows that the best way to clean and help prevent the spread of Covid-19 is cleaning from List N: Disinfectants for Coronavirus (COVID-19) that will kill germs on the surfaces.  By disinfecting or killing germs on a surface after cleaning the surface, it can further lower the risk of spreading infection.  Please feel free to call us or for any questions about coronavirus COVID-19 Cleaning in Utah.

The CDC has specific Guidance to follow when it comes to cleaning a school, hospital, medical facility or health office, commercial office, shared workspace, child care facility, or any damage restoration or molds clean.

Utah and around the world are currently facing some tough times trying to re-open businesses and stay open. Jani-Serv is constantly keeping up with the CDC guidance data to be sure we are on top of all the current cleaning methods. You are welcome to call us or fill out a free no-obligation quote so we can help your business or workspace get back on track to a property clean method.

We clean commercial office buildings, hotels, mall stadiums, locker rooms, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, childcare facilities, office buildings, shared workspaces, and more.