What Is a Commercial Cleaning Service? A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding the Role of Commercial Cleaning Services In today’s fast-paced business world, maintaining a clean and hygienic workspace is essential for the health and productivity of employees and the impression it leaves on clients and visitors. Commercial cleaning services play a vital role in ensuring that businesses maintain a clean, safe, and welcoming environment. In […]

Keeping High Traffic Areas Clean

Keeping High Traffic Areas Clean High-traffic areas are the places in your business or building with the most foot traffic. This indicates that this is the most visited place in your building. That being said, such areas must be well maintained. In keeping up with these high-demand areas, you can project that you care and […]

Event Cleaning Services For Sundance Film Festival

The Sundance Film Festival is one of the more famous and prestigious film festivals in the world. Each January, film enthusiasts from all over the globe fill up seats and venues across the Park City, Salt Lake City, and Sundance Resort areas. With certain years seeing over 100,000 total guests, it is important that the […]

Help Clean Up Your Wedding Venue In Heber, Park City, & Sundance

It’s that time of year in Utah again when bells chime and romance fills the air. Planning and putting on a wedding is no small task, and there are a lot of details to consider when it comes to making sure the day is perfect. One of the most important considerations in wedding preparation is […]

Benefits of a Recurring Cleaning Service

Each day, in the course of managing your business, you make decisions about a lot of things, many of which have no direct relationship to your products or services. Wasting time by focusing on non-core functions of your workplace costs you valuable resources and money, not to mention that it could end up costing you […]

The Benefits of Hiring a Cleaning Service for Your Rental Property

What are the benefits property owners can gain from hiring a professional cleaning service for their rental properties? As the owner of a rental property, the two most important aspects of your business are the quality of service you provide to your customers (tenants) and the amount of time you give to your business. Far […]

#1 Reason to always change your sheets

  Here is one of the reasons that your mama always told you to change your sheets and clean your room. Dust As you probably have noticed, there’s dust everywhere! You might have heard that it is made of human skin cells. But that is not entirely true. Some studies have found that more than […]

Condominium Cleaning Services in Salt Lake City Utah

JaniServ was contacted by a local property manager in the Utah area to come in and clean six new properties.  The cleaning needed varied in each building due to different layouts and amenities. A few of them have laundry rooms, others have main lobbies and common areas which include a main restroom. Since these are […]