As the owner of a rental property, the two most important aspects of your business are the quality of service you provide to your customers (tenants) and the quality of time you give to your business. Far too many rental property owners see themselves only as landlords and not as business owners. This attitude can impede the current state of the rental and the future prospects of their investments.

Property owners who want to succeed must recognize the need for balance between their role as investors and their role as landlords. They must determine which tasks demand their direct input and which ones don’t. If a rental owner does not make the distinction between things they should do themselves and things they should let others do, they will impair their own effectiveness.

What are the things that you should never do as the owner of the property? If you do not have ready answers to this question, you may be costing yourself invaluable opportunities. This is because every maintenance task in your rental offers you the chance to either act as a handyman or as a business owner. The difference is that businesses have processes and employees. Their owners know they should not do everything themselves.

And one area where this is often reflected is in how you manage cleaning in the rental. Keeping a rental property clean is one of those jobs that appear deceptively simple. Owners often think they can do it themselves and do not need the help of a professional cleaning service for this task. But there are two things that are wrong with this way of seeing the issue:

rental property cabinet cleaning

From a business standpoint, it makes no sense for landlords to have anyone other than a professional cleaner clean their rentals. The value of doing so exceeds the small cost of hiring a professional cleaning service.

What are the benefits property owners can gain from hiring a professional cleaning service for their rental properties?

The benefits of hiring a cleaning service for your rental business

1.         It offers opportunities to improve the business

rental property cleaning in relation to earnings, expenses, profits, and losses

Everyone becomes better at whatever they give their time to. As a landlord, if you give your time to cleaning, you are going to get better at it. Conversely, if you give your time to networking, marketing, improving your sales funnel, and solving tenant issues, you will get better at those things. As a landlord, you must determine what you want to get better at. What you get better at determines the future of your business. Should it be cleaning the rental or managing the people who clean the rental?

2.         It saves the business more money

rental property cleaning saving money for a business

The number one reason why rental property owners think they don’t need a cleaning service is because of the cost. But hiring a professional cleaning service is actually an investment that saves property owners money in at least four ways:

3.         It sets a standard of professionalism

professional vacuum for rental property floors

Tenants like a home that is well run; where the owner or manager does not handle all the maintenance themselves. They know the property will be more efficiently managed. The landlord’s attention to the home, as demonstrated by hiring a competent cleaner, sets a precedent for how tenants are expected to manage the home. Furthermore, a professionally cleaned home attracts higher rents and better quality tenants. Better quality tenants will care for the rental better.

Finally, cleaning services can be trusted to deliver top-notch cleaning that reaches all the unreachable corners of a home. The effect of using a cleaning service is that property owners can make the best first impression with prospective tenants. Stepping into a home cleaned by a professional cleaning service will be like walking into the rooms of a five-star hotel.

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