What are the benefits property owners can gain from hiring a professional cleaning service for their rental properties? As the owner of a rental property, the two most important aspects of your business are the quality of service you provide to your customers (tenants) and the amount of time you give to your business. Far too many rental property owners see themselves only as landlords and not as business owners. This attitude can harm the current state of your rental and end up leaving tenants feeling like they are not dealing with a professional.

An easy way you can improve your rental property and the way you operate it is by hiring a professional cleaning company. Let’s take a closer look at just a few of the major benefits you get from hiring a cleaning company like ours to take care of all your rental property needs!

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1) Improves Business

Everyone becomes better at whatever they give their time to. As a landlord, if you give your time to cleaning, you are going to get better at it. Conversely, if you give your time to networking, marketing, improving your sales funnel, and solving tenant issues, you will get better at those things. As a landlord, you must determine what you want to get better at. What you get better at determines the future of your business. Should it be cleaning the rental or managing the people who clean the rental?

While maintaining the property you rent to businesses or individuals is important, it should not be your primary focus as a landlord. Allowing a professional cleaning company to take over the duties of cleaning the property frees you up to focus on other aspects of owning and renting a building. Plus, you will have peace of mind knowing that your tenants have the highest level of cleaning and maintenance possible. Keeping your tenants happy is the best way to improve your bottom line as a landlord.

2) Makes A Better First Impression

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The effect of using a cleaning service is that property owners can make the best first impression with prospective tenants. Stepping into a place that is cleaned by a professional cleaning service will be like walking into the rooms of a five-star hotel. Businesses looking for a place to call home want to know that the landlord is willing to put in the effort to make their property look and feel clean, safe, and welcoming.

Having a professional cleaning service ensures that customers can instantly tell that your rental property is well-maintained. This will go a long way in making them feel more comfortable with signing the lease agreement. So, if you want to make that great first impression that tells prospective tenants everything they need to know about you as a landlord, professional cleaning is an absolute must!

3) Increases Safety & Reduces Liability

Another benefit of using a professional cleaning service for rental properties is improved safety and reduced liability. Professional cleaners understand how to properly sanitize surfaces without risking damage or contamination from harsh chemical substances. They take the necessary steps to protect everyone in the building from potential health hazards.

Not only that, but they also understand which areas of your rental property need special attention and cleaning on a regular basis. This includes inspecting carefully for any electrical or fire hazards that could put tenants at risk. In this way, a professional cleaning service will help you identify any potential liabilities before they become a problem. Should an accident occur due to uncleanliness or safety negligence, having a professional cleaning company on board can help limit your legal liability.

4) Saves Money

The number one reason why rental property owners think they don’t need a cleaning service is because of the cost. But hiring a professional cleaning service is actually an investment that saves property owners money in more ways than one.

  • Direct Savings: Landlords do not have to waste money on buying cleaning products and equipment that will eventually be underutilized. Cleaning services have equipment that landlords would never think to buy, and they can deliver better results.
  • Consistent Savings: Instead of allowing small messes to turn into much bigger and expensive damages, consistent cleaning will lead to consistent savings. A low, flat rate is always better than unexpected repair costs that could break the bank.
  • Wear & Tear Costs: Most landlords underestimate the role of lingering dirt in wear and tear on a rental. Professional cleaners are able to keep your rental property in great shape, which means no costly repairs down the road.

5) Sets Standard Of Professionalism


Tenants like a building that is well run, where the owner or manager does not handle all the maintenance themselves. They know the property will be more efficiently managed. The landlord’s attention to the building, as demonstrated by hiring a competent cleaner, sets a precedent for how tenants are expected to manage the building. Furthermore, a professionally cleaned environment attracts higher rents and better-quality tenants. Better-quality tenants will care for the rental better, and you can uphold that high standard of cleanliness and professionalism for years to come!

6) Improves Tenant Retention


When tenants walk into a property, they are immediately struck by the cleanliness of (or lack thereof) the building. A dirty and unkempt rental will drive tenants away. On the other hand, when they see that their landlord has hired a professional cleaner to take care of the property, they feel welcome and comfortable. This sense of security and comfort is important for tenant retention, as it encourages them to stay in their rental for longer periods of time.

Tenants are more comfortable in a building that is professionally cleaned on a regular schedule, and they may even tell their friends and families about your building too! Increasing tenancy for a new building manager or landlord isn’t always the easiest thing to do. However, if you make your property as clean and good-looking as possible, word will eventually get around that your building is a great place to set up shop for local businesses.

7) Allows For Quicker Turnover

Four Employees Cleaning A Commercial Property

A cleaning service helps rental property owners achieve lower vacancy rates. That is because the service can clean the rental the same day it becomes vacant and have it ready for the next tenant in less than 24 hours in some cases. This is especially helpful if you have a high-demand rental property and need to get it ready for the next tenant ASAP.

Professional cleaners can help with deep cleaning, which can make an old or worn-out building look like new. They can also provide basic repairs and maintenance, such as painting walls and replacing light bulbs. All of this helps landlords avoid costly turnover periods due to a lack of available resources. The quicker your rental property meets standards and looks like a new space again, the quicker you can fill that space and start collecting rent!

8) Maintains Property Value


Finally, hiring a professional cleaning service will help keep your property’s value high. A dirty, dingy, and shabby-looking property can impact the perceived value of the rental in the minds of potential tenants or buyers. Professional cleaners are able to give your rental a fresh look that reflects its true value, which can attract higher-quality tenants and appeal to future buyers should you ever decide to sell. If you don’t want your rental to become rundown and deter potential tenants, professional cleaning companies are the only solution!

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By hiring a professional cleaning service like ours, rental property owners can benefit in many ways. Our cleaning services will help save time and money, and we will improve tenant retention by maintaining your property’s value. With an experienced team like Jani-Serv behind you, keeping your rentals clean will be easier than ever. Call or fill out our online form today for a free quote!