Office Cleaning Service in Salt Lake City, UT

Jani-Serv offers a wide range of cleaning services and office cleaning and sanitation are one of them. You can select from any of our experienced and cost-effective service, which include :

Our Standard day and evening services are meant to clean your office without interfering with productive hours. In case your office has a night shift, we offer custom cleaning schedules that will keep your office clean and welcoming for both work shifts. Our service includes reception and office area cleanup, equipment cleanup, removal of all dust, wiping down of all surface areas that include, desks, counters, and tabletops. We also clean and sanitize your restrooms, clean up your equipment, sweep and mop your floors, vacuum, and remove all garbage and recycling.

You can also experience Jani-Serv Deep Cleaning Services. This detailed service is a custom-made solution to your office space. The idea is to do a thorough cleaning that will tackle overlooked nooks and crannies. High-traffic areas and removing dust will help your office look as good as when you first started.

Our cleaning service also includes detailed Glass Cleaning for office glass windows and walls. We can also be of help with inside and outside windows.

Jani-Serv also takes care of your floors. Our experienced team can clean non-carpeted floors like marble, granite, laminated, hardwood floors and tile, etc.

Restroom cleaning and sanitation are part of the office cleaning services we do. Allow us to assist you by keeping your restrooms sparkling clean and disinfected. You do not need to worry about the supplies, as we cover your toilet paper, hand towels, and soap needs for a fee.

Our Emergency Cleaning Assistance is a worry-free tool for our customers. Our help and assistance are just a call away 24/7.

Jani-Serv is a professional janitorial service with more than 20 years of experience to address all business needs. Let our company’s expertise and trained team take care of your office cleaning needs

We are adamant about making things right as a clear appreciation of your time and business. Call us and get a free consultation appointment and your free quote now.

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