Informed & Efficient Industrial Cleaning

Cleaning in facilities with machinary, chemicals, factory technology and a variety of metals takes a bit more than tidying-up.

Safe, Skilled Industrial Cleaning Solutions

Keep your industrial facility safe and clean for your employees by hiring professionals who specialize in complicated and specific industrial cleaning jobs in Salt Lake City.

machinery cleaning & industrial cleaning in Salt Lake

We take every factor into account

When it comes to industrial cleaning in Salt Lake City, we know that cleaning is more complicated than quick sweeping and mopping

We ensure that our service is a cut above the rest by:

Cleaning From the Outside In

We can take care of every factor of your facilities cleaning needs.

Because of the extensive vetting and training that our employees go through, we’re equipped to take care of practically every part of your industrial cleaning in Salt Lake Valley:

Industrial Cleaning in Salt Lake

How We Keep Your Facility Clean and Safe

We’re concerned with the mess you can see, and the dangers you can’t see in an industrial setting.



Our staff is trained on how to clean machinery without damaging it or removing lubricant materials you need.



We train our staff on chemical use and safety. They know what can be stored together and what to use on various surfaces.



If your facility is involved in metalwork, we protect your employees by focusing on removing metal shards and particles.

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Environmentally-friendly commercial cleaning that is tailored to meet your needs.

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