Day Porter Service in SLC

Your building may have overnight janitorial maintenance, but plenty of nightshift janitors can’t be held responsible for it.

3 Reasons You Should Hire A Day Porter For Your Office Building

Jani-Serv’s day porter service in SLC makes up the difference.

1. Life Is Unexpected

Coffee spills, visitors tracking in dirt throughout the day, and even clutter that inevitably builds up are all enemies of a professional-looking space.

If you want to keep your building looking sharp, even when unexpected events make your office space messy during office hours, you’ll want a day porter.

2. Sanitation is an Ongoing Priority

Constant traffic through bathrooms, lobbies, and other common areas creates germ-heavy “hot spots.” Some examples of these places are:

  • Doorknobs
  • Reception desks
  • Light switches
  • Staircase railings
  • Keyboards
  • Bathrooms
  • Breakrooms
  • Office phones

Regular night-time cleanings are not enough to keep spaces like these in a building sanitized. The last thing you need is a bug to spread around your property.

3. Communication Keeps it Clean

Having a night-time janitor can sometimes mean disconnected communication about how you want your space to be maintained. If they forget something, you must wait or leave a note and hope the message gets across.

Jani-Serv’s day porter services give you closer control over your property cleaning and maintenance and more confidence that jobs are getting done quickly and correctly.

  • Flexible service changes
  • Increased productivity
  • Fast communication and improvement