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High dusting is the process of cleaning hard-to-reach areas, usually more than 16 feet high, in commercial buildings. Surfaces that are routinely cleaned via high-dusting services include:

• Walls
• Ceilings
• Air Vents
• Window Ledges
• Light Fixtures
• Exhaust fans
• Pipes

High dusting is performed by professional cleaning technicians who know how to clean high ceilings in accordance with OSHA specifications. They utilize specialized cleaning equipment designed to get into high spaces for the removal of dust, dirt, and bacteria to help maintain a healthy environment.


It’s impossible to keep dust out of a building, and that’s why high dusting is so important. People track in dirt and dust when they enter a building, and those contaminants can seriously impact air quality.

Poor indoor air quality can threaten productivity by causing headaches, fatigue, and difficulty concentrating. Exposure to dust and tiny particles can also cause or exacerbate health problems like asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues. Cleaning dirt and dust through high dusting is about more than just keeping things tidy and looking good. Periodic high dusting contributes to a clean workplace and helps maintain a healthy and productive environment. 

two male staff cleaning ceiling | commercial high dusting
woman holding mop pile, cleaning ceiling in living room.


Facilities that benefit greatly from high dusting services as part of a comprehensive regular cleaning regimen include:
– Hospitals
– Restaurants
– Offices
– Retail Stores
– Grocery Stores
– Warehouses
– Gyms
– Machine Shops
– Airports
– Malls
– Schools


Ceiling cleaning, wall cleaning, and fixture cleaning in a large building require the services of professionals with expertise using specialized equipment to keep from spreading dust and allergens. This is especially important in any high area that include vaulted ceilings, ledges, fans, or exposed ventilation pipes that can’t be reached with standard cleaning equipment. Dust and dirt land and build up on these surfaces. If these particles aren’t properly and adequately removed through high dusting, they can fall in dirty clumps on floors, equipment, employees, and customers.

woman cleaning the ceiling


Highly maneuverable with multiple attachments, our system utilizes extendable telescopic poles to get into even the most hard-to-reach high crevices.

We use the skyVac system, which includes a vacuum more powerful than most other cleaning units on the market. Highly maneuverable with multiple attachments, our system utilizes extendable telescopic poles to get into even the most hard-to-reach high crevices.


If you have a commercial building with ceilings, walls, pipes, ledges, fixtures, and other high areas, you can count on dust hiding out of sight. High cleaning is a valuable service enabling you to maintain a clean and healthy environment for your employees and customers.


Jani-Serv clients in the Salt Lake City area call on our experienced, safety-conscious background-checked technicians to deep clean all those hard-to-reach high areas. Our services leave furnishings covered and untouched, and we work to ensure there is no contamination during the cleaning process. Additionally, we deliver high dusting services after hours, so there is no disruption to your business.


Contact us today to discuss scheduling and pricing options for high dusting services that will help maintain the indoor air quality necessary for a healthy indoor environment.


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