Salt Lake City, the capital of Utah, is a metropolitan area that is home to many businesses and companies. These businesses draw in many tourists and locals alike, which contributes to the hustle and bustle of the city. It has a strong tourist industry centered around skiing and other outdoor activities as well as large shopping centers for everyones’ needs. Janitorial Cleaning Request in Salt Lake City Jani-Serv provides janitorial services for a commercial office space. This commercial building includes a booking store, an accounting office as well as marketing businesses and lawyers offices. Our client requested that we clean the tenant spaces as well as the common areas. For this particular client, our services are included in the rental agreement for the property. This allows for multiple spaces to be cleaned within the complex. Usually, for a Class A or multi-tenant building, it depends on the lease agreement given by the property manager. In many lease agreements the tenants have the option to hire their own cleaning service or a cleaning service will be provided to them with the cost added on to their rent. Sometimes it helps to have cleaning built in to your rent, depending on what area of the country you are in.   HIPPA Compliant Cleaning The type of businesses in this space require that Jani-Serv is HIPAA compliant when cleaning their office spaces. Our staff is properly trained on what areas they have access to and those they don’t. We keep a record of the cleaning contract information and the door and alarm codes associated with these offices, so all the information and activity can be documented in accordance with their rules. Every office location has an alarm that lets you into the space   These clients can come to us, based on this information, with any issues or concerns that may come up. We prioritize and value our clients, so we do all we can to protect their privacy and their business. We notify them if an alarm isn’t initially set just to give them an extra bit of security. We aren’t a security company, but we want our clients to feel comfortable with us cleaning their offices and know that they are secure.   The Extra Mile Jani-Serv also has gone the extra mile by replacing the building’s outdated toilet paper and paper towel dispensers with new, modern dispensers. We also installed air fresheners and toilet seat covers in all bathrooms, as well as garbage cans in the stalls of the women’s bathrooms. All dispensers were installed at no cost since we provide the toiletry service. This is a part of a supply management program which our clients can opt-in if interested.   We do our very best to meet our clients’ needs when cleaning their properties. If requested, we will clean these commercial spaces at night. This ensures that the facility is empty, so we don’t interrupt the day to day traffic in and out of the business. Cleaning during closing times also allows us to stay ahead of bacteria buildup that comes from people touching different surfaces.  Our Goal Our goal when cleaning this commercial office building is to manage their supplies and make sure they are not being unnecessarily wasted. For example, making sure the paper towel dispensers don’t dispense too much and filling soap dispensers with foaming soap in order for the product to last longer. Making these small changes saves our client from spending a large amount on products. As a result of the pandemic, we have also been requested to install hand sanitizer stations when available. This building also has aged, natural wood surfaces which we recommended that we apply Murphy’s Oil and wood polish to keep the luster of the wood surfaces. We deep clean the tile floors and provide window cleaning for the two story part of the building on a quarterly basis. We provide these office cleaning services five days a week which allows our clients to have a clean and sanitized space daily. This is especially important that the high traffic areas are cleaned and disinfected daily in order to prevent a buildup of bacteria.  Jani Serv is here to provide cleaning and sanitizing services for any commercial or office space. We know the value of keeping your business safe and clean. Contact us today for more information and a quote.