Is Hiring Commercial Cleaning Really Worth It?

The extra bucks coming out of your pocket might seem like a big sacrifice, but the time you gain and the stress you let go of will make commercial cleaning a bargain for you and your business or family.

It’s About Time

So much of the life-improvement advice we receive is all about saving money. Pack lunch. Turn off the lights. Thrift your clothes. This focus on saving every last cent can make us feel like any commercial service we could manage to do ourselves instead is a frivolous expense, a money-waster.

However, wouldn’t the money become worth it if it gave you the time to fulfill all the different goals and tasks you’ve been trying to accomplish? While paying for helpful services, such as commercial cleaning, might cause us to save a couple of fewer dollars each month, it will save you an average of 28+ hours a month!

Commercial cleaning

suddenly becomes worth the money when you realize it can save you more than half a week every month. Instead of saving a few extra dollars quickly consumed in a single shopping trip or night out, why not give yourself and your family the gift of spare time together, time for productivity, and time toward creating a present, mindful life!

A Quality?Clean-up

Now that we’ve got you thinking about all the time you could save, consider the benefits of letting someone clean up the mess for you and getting a deeper clean. We clean with professional-grade products you won’t find in the grocery store, so our deep clean is genuinely able to get through any layers of grime, dirt, or germs you might have on your property. 

No matter how diligent you have been with your cleaning routine, it is impossible to maintain the same level of cleanliness with the watered-down, widely available cleaning products marketed to you. To achieve a truly thorough and spectacular clean, you need stunning effects. We have all the best, most effective supplies, and you only have to hire us once to see the difference.

The best part about signing up for our cleaning service is the peace of mind of knowing that we will do the deepest clean possible, reaching and polishing off those areas that you may have fallen behind on.

Busting the Mess and the Stress

So much of the stress we face in our lives is unavoidable. You can’t always avoid world crises, car troubles, or taxing workplace expectations, but you can control the number of stress inducers in other areas of your life. Please stop and think for a moment about how much time you spend stressing about the cleaning you need to accomplish, the cleaning you are completing, and whether you are doing it often enough. Couldn’t this time be better spent? A busy person such as yourself already has so much going on that it is essential to cut out any stressors that can be quickly done away with. Why not find a way to cut out the mess causing you so much frustration? Our commercial cleaning services can do just that!

Psychology Today explains that the clutter, the mess, is a “significant source” of causing stress in our lives. It even says that living with messes can affect our self-confidence, attitudes about our job, and contentment at home. In today’s world, self-confidence can be hard to come by, and having a good attitude about your professional life is essential to helping you excel. Also, improving your contentment at home is one of the most significant factors in helping you deal with the other variables that always arise. The last thing you need is a messy space that makes it even harder to succeed and satisfy in these areas of your life.

Why let the clutter add another stress factor to your already hectic life? By utilizing commercial cleaning in your home, you will be able to fight stress and avoid all negative health symptoms that accompany a high-stress life. 

Let Jani-Serv help you live your best stress-free and free-time-filled life! Call us today!