Exterior Window Cleaning Salt Lake City Utah at Karen’s House

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Exterior Window Cleaning Salt Lake City Utah at Karen's House

Exterior Window Cleaning Customer

In October, a customer named Karen T. sent us a message through our Thumbtack website. Karen requested Exterior Window Cleaning in Salt Lake City, Utah. The cleaning was a move-out cleaning. The cleaning request included a complete deep cleaning of the garage and wood floors, exterior windows, and carpeted areas. We discussed that we would clean her baseboards and mop all her hardwood floors with Murphy’s oil. The hardwood floors looked all bright and shiny, and clean. We cleaned Karen’s windows, which were crystal clear when we were done.

How We Clean Windows 

For the window cleaning, our window guy used an Unger Window cleaner which allows him to reach windows that are in difficult places. Jani-Serv loves the Unger equipment because it is reputable and provides quality tools. When we clean windows, we usually start at the right side with Unger Visa Versa Window Squeegee with Washer. We clean with a soap and water solution that we dip the squeegee into and clean the windows. Before we get the windows wet, we wipe off the excess water with a towel so no drips happen. When we clean a 3-pane window, we always start from the top one and clean it and wipe off the water that sits on the ledge. This way, the water does not fall onto other panes and sit on the ledges for long periods. If the windows are high up or out of our reach we have extender poles to get the higher windows. Jani-Serv likes to provide quality cleanings to our customers for their exterior window cleaning needs.

Carpet Cleaning

For the carpet cleaning, we use a truck mount with heating units that get hot and allow the machine to scrub the floor well. We use powerful chemicals that are non-toxic to our customers. When cleaning the garage floors we power washed them with soap and water and helped get all the dirt and grime off the floors. Hardwood floors and baseboards were cleaned with a mop and rag that we applied Murphy’s oil to get them to shine and restore the hardwood floors.

Jani-serv would love to help you with all your window cleaning needs. We also have other services we offer as well. Check us out at www.janiservinc.com.

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