Customer signing a contract at auto salon

Dealership Cleaning in Sandy that Helps You Boost Sales

Every car in your dealership is spotless, shiny, clean inside and out, and ready to be sold. What sometimes goes forgotten is the rest of your dealership. Showroom floors, bathrooms, walls, and all those wide-spanning windows need attention, too. When selling cars, it’s essential to sell the client on your whole enterprise. Here are a few ways that dealership cleaning in Sandy can help boost sales.

High-End Appearance Starts At the Street View

The first point of contact with a potential buyer is very often when they drive past your dealership. This means that having a visually striking building is the first way to make the right impression. Do your windows have smudges? Is your parking lot pavement dirty or dusty? These are little things, but they make a massive difference.

Jani-Serv, Inc. professionals focus on the details and the final result. We can make your windows shine from top to bottom with our high-rise cleaning service.

The Showroom is Your Greatest Asset

Making your showroom look brand new helps customers know that you take care of the details. Regular floor cleaning and scheduled office and waiting room cleaning ensure that this gets taken care of, even when you have more pressing things to take care of.

We’ll take care of your dealership cleaning in Sandy

We don’t miss anything. A few common auto dealership focus points are:

  • Building Windows
  • Showroom Floors / Walls
  • Break Rooms / Appliances
  • Offices
  • Glass Entry Doors
  • Lobbies / Waiting Rooms
  • Display Cases / Kiosks
  • Customer Countertops
  • Bathrooms


Give Your Dealership Extra Class. Work with Jani-Serv Inc.