JaniServ was contacted by a local property manager in the Utah area to come in and clean six new properties.  The cleaning needed varied in each building due to different layouts and amenities. A few of them have laundry rooms, others have main lobbies and common areas which include a main restroom. Since these are residential facilities, JaniServ comes by once a week to provide the necessary cleaning services.

Each time, all of the hallways are vacuumed and cleaned. We wipe down and disinfect the baseboards. Then for those properties that provide laundry facilities and have common areas, JaniServ focuses on those areas. Of course, JaniServ makes sure to clean all surfaces, as well as highly touched places such as doorknobs. 

In the hallways, we do a side to side- front and back vacuuming with an upright vacuum on the high traffic areas and a backpack vacuum on the low traffic areas. Each month, we rotate through with the upright vacuum to make sure that it receives a deeper cleaning on the carpet. Since tenants come down and use their mailboxes, we make sure that we disinfect the exterior of the mailbox. JaniServ makes sure that the lobby’s sitting areas are cleaned thoroughly and put back perfectly. By doing this, we are able to provide a clean entry to the buildings. All of the chemicals we use, we make sure to use a nice scent that are not offensive or allergenic. This instills cleanliness amongst the tenants and all those that visit.


Personalizing Cleaning Services in Utah

We would make sure on a regular service, once a week or daily, depending on what the request was to clean the entry glass top to bottom. Some of the properties have windows that are floor-to-ceiling on the front fascia of the building. For these, we request a separate fee of generally $10 a window up to 5-10 windows.  If there’s a lot more windows that need to be cleaned, we set up a routine window cleaning service with our route cleaners.

Some of our requests, at different times, depending on the size of the room, are to put in an air freshener so that if there are internal plumbing issues, the smell does not overwhelm the property. As you can imagine, putting an air freshener on does not do anything but mask the smell. Our solution is to make sure that we are pouring either bleach, enzymes, or hot water down the drains to kill off any buildup or smell. Enzymes are a good bacteria that will eat up mold and mildew and eliminate smells. These are great for floor drains, as well as in sinks and any other drain the water will remain stagnant and need to be pushed through. Bleach and water can do the same.

Are you a property manager that has a long list of tasks to complete everyday? The last thing you want to be doing is making sure the condominiums you own have clean common areas. That is where we come into play. JaniServ will clean the properties’ common areas, so you don’t have to. 

JaniServ is a professional cleaning service that you can trust. We offer a wide range of commercial cleaning services from financial institutions to medical clinics. Our services can clean all buildings and provide a clean, safe environment for all. With 18 years of experience, we provide the best janitorial services in the area. We are efficient, affordable, and dependable. 

JaniServ will provide you with professional service. 

Satisfaction guaranteed. 

Life is short. Clean less.

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