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Commercial cleaning in Murray, Utah

This customer requested commercial cleaning services in a multi-tenant building in Murray, Utah. Their request was unique in some ways from other jobs because each tenant has access from the exterior into their suites, and they all share a common area restroom. The uniqueness of this building was that some suites would request for us to clean their space individually, and others would not.

Our main duties five days a week are to clean the restrooms that are shared in a common area amongst all of the tenants inside. As part of this service, we supply janitorial equipment to clean the bathrooms by wiping the inside and outside of the toilets and urinals, as well as disinfecting the door handles and jams where people’s hands touch the doors and drinking fountains. As part of our general commercial cleaning services, we wipe down all of the walls that are ceramic tile as well as those with a high gloss paint. 

We have to be careful when we wipe and clean the walls so that we don’t remove paint or apply a chemical that will damage the grout. We also make sure that we scrub out and remove hard water buildup from the sinks that accumulates because of the high calcium and mineral levels in the Murray, Utah area. We will apply toilet bowl cleaner acid to the urinals as well as the toilet bowls and let that sit for a few minutes while we then spray window or multi-purpose cleaner on all the other surfaces and dry them.

Microfiber Rags: A Cost-Effective, Quality Solution

microfiber cloth for commercial cleaning.

Our preferred method of cleaning is to use microfiber rags because they absorb up to two or three hundred times the amount of a normal terry cloth rag. We make sure that our staff is trained to fold each rag into four pieces so that on each side we can flip over the rag and have a fresh cleaning surface to work with. After all of the rags are used, they get laundered with sanitizing chemicals from Clorox, rather than just regular laundry detergent. The sanitizing Clorox cleaner does not bleach, but it sanitizes and kills anything that is on the rags.

The benefit of using microfiber rags when cleaning offices in Murray, Utah and the surrounding cities is that these rags will continue to be usable even after being laundered more than one hundred to three hundred times, making them something that we can reuse over and over. This is a good way for us to control our costs in a way that then is passed on to our customers to give them the best value as well. 

When not using the microfiber rags, the recommended way of cleaning is generally to use hand towels to wipe off and disinfect the toilet areas. We make sure that our crews are wearing a face mask and rubber gloves so that they don’t pick up bacteria and so that the chemicals do not burn their skin. There are many ways to disinfect and wipe off each surface, and we use commercial cleaning chemicals to do that in order to give our customers the best quality and value.

We generally prefer only a few standard chemicals for our crew: one is a multi-purpose cleaner, the other is a window or glass cleaner (we always make sure to use a cleaner that is ammonia-free so that it does not damage the glass or plexiglass surface), and the other is a floor cleaner that is either a neutral floor cleaner (so that we don’t affect a floor that is waxed) or a disinfectant or quaternary cleaner (which is used in medical cleaning so that we can disinfect the floor).

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