When it comes to floor cleaning, we should all think about the most effective strategies to be content. Including a tiny scrubber in your cleaning routine will help improve the appearance of your floor, improve hygiene, and increase worker productivity, whether you’re cleaning in a  huge firm or a small facility, at home, or elsewhere.  The cleaner our environment is, the more we become productive in whatever we are doing. Floor cleaning is difficult because there are many procedures to follow and things to consider, which is why we need professional assistance.

Jani-serv, Inc is a janitorial cleaning company with professionally trained cleaners. Jani-serv has been providing the best services available for many years.  Environmentally friendly commercial cleaning that is tailored to meet your needs.  Our Clarke® Vantage 14 micro floor cleaner is among the best cleaning equipment available. 

What convinced Janiserv, Inc to use Clarke® Vantage 14 micro floor scrubber?

This compact, the battery-operated machine is equipped with a restricted rotating deck that enables scrubbing and water pickup in both forward and reverse. This feature enables workers to complete small area floor scrubbing procedures extremely efficiently. Unlike other micro scrubbers, the user can easily clean up against wall edges without making multiple passes. 

Moreover, we are up to the safety and convenience of our client’s needs. Jani-serv will always be available in any cleaning services you need. For more cleaning tips and hacks, visit our blog. If you need help with your floor cleaning, we are ready to help. Give us a call for a no-obligation quote.

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