Event Cleaning Services For Sundance Film Festival

The Sundance Film Festival is one of the more famous and prestigious film festivals in the world. Each January, film enthusiasts from all over the globe fill up seats and venues across the Park City, Salt Lake City, and Sundance Resort areas. With certain years seeing over 100,000 total guests, it is important that the […]

Help Clean Up Your Wedding Venue In Heber, Park City, & Sundance

It’s that time of year in Utah again when bells chime and romance fills the air. Planning and putting on a wedding is no small task, and there are a lot of details to consider when it comes to making sure the day is perfect. One of the most important considerations in wedding preparation is […]

Why you should hire a professional medical office cleaning company

Major cities are home to many medical offices, clinics, and hospitals to take care of those who live in the area. In order to best serve the community and prevent the spread of bacteria, these clinics need to keep their spaces clean and sanitized. Instead of hiring a general janitorial service to clean your medical […]

The Significance Of Cleaning Walls & Ceilings

Keeping walls and ceilings clean is an important part of a healthy business environment. Cleaning these surfaces can improve air quality, reduce allergens, and make your living or working space more pleasant. At Jani-Serv, we understand the importance of keeping walls and ceilings clean and are here to help you with any cleaning services you […]

Marble-Tile Floor Maintenance

Marble-Tile Floor Maintenance Marble flooring is a high-end architectural factor with a high price tag. Marble is a very popular natural stone that is quarried and cut into slabs and tiles for a variety of residential and commercial building applications, including countertops, floors, and wall tiles. It’s costly, but we can’t deny the fact that […]

3 Steps in Cleaning Commercial Ceramic Tiles

3 Steps in Cleaning Commercial Ceramic Tiles Keeping our surroundings clean makes our day fresh, especially when it comes to floor cleaning. We all know that it’s never easy to maintain our floors gleaming and clean, and that’s why we need the help of the experts. Professional cleaning services can help your offices, businesses, and […]

Bathroom Ceramic Tiles Floor Cleaning

Bathroom Ceramic Tiles Floor Cleaning Ceramic tile floors are a common flooring option. They’re solid and durable, but like all floors, they need care and cleaning. Although there are different kinds of tile flooring, we should know the proper ways of cleaning it. One of the most difficult parts to clean is the bathroom floors, […]

Super Zipper Wand: Best Equipment For Carpet Deep Cleaning

Super Zipper Wand: Best Equipment For Carpet Deep Cleaning Carpet takes a lot of damage from footwear, spills, and pets. Regular vacuuming and repeated deep cleaning can extend the life of any carpet. Vacuuming Deep cleaning your carpet is never easy to do on your own. However, cleaning companies are learning some other effective and […]

4 Basic Steps in Cleaning Bathroom Floor

4 Basic Steps In Cleaning Bathroom Floor Bathroom floor cleaning is probably one of the most important places to keep clean at home and in public places. Improper cleaning of the bathroom floor may warrant a neck flip, and that’s how serious it may be. However, reading through the steps of how to clean your […]

5 Basic Steps in Maintaining Cork Floors

5 Basic Steps in Maintaining Cork Floors Cork flooring is eco-friendly. It is unique, and attractive and can reduce stress on your feet and legs when you spend a lot of time standing on the floor. Cork is uncommonly used as other types of flooring materials, such as wood, vinyl, and laminate. Because of this, […]