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How your school looks is just one of the things that Jani-Serv Inc. can help with. When it comes to clean, we do it like no one else.

You care about your students and faculty. So do we. Choosing Jani-Serv Inc. for your Salt Lake Valley school cleaning will mean three things:

You will save money on supplies and services
Our employees will complete the task faster than a regular school janitor
Your facility will not only be cleaned and tidy but also sanitized and safe for students and teachers.
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Save Money

Get more clean for less green.
Our employees go to each site equipped with the supplies they need to get the job done. We also work with you to customize the service you get. Where an in house janitor is paid a flat rate to do everything at their own pace (and might skip important things some days), we create a checklist for your school.

Exactly the services you need
If you don’t have a gymnasium that needs cleaning, you won’t pay for that service. If you already have a trash removal system, that won’t be part of your school’s checklist.

For a school cleaning service that fits the bill, call us at (801) 500-4747.

Get the Most Efficient, Effective Janitorial Service Possible

At Jani-Serv Inc. we’ve been cleaning school buildings of all sizes for years.

Our employees are fast and thorough when it comes to cleaning education spaces throughout a school building. Some of our specialties:

Office spaces
Cafeteria tables & chairs
Gymnasium floors & equipment
High ceilings
& more!

Don’t Stop at Clean
When it comes to educational buildings full of kids at any age, it’s essential to consider the invisible enemy: germs and sickness.

In every type of building, depending on the size and use, certain places need disinfecting often and thoroughly.

A few examples of places that Jani-Serv professionals never forget to sanitize:

Drinking fountains
Gym equipment
Computer labs (keyboards & mouses)
Classroom supplies (pencils sharpeners, whiteboard erasers, etc.)
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