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Cleaning the highest ceilings, walls and windows with the highest quality standard.

Many high-rise cleaning companies value only one thing: speed. At Jani-Serv Inc., we focus on the quality and thoroughness of your service. Our speed comes with experience.

Industrial climbers wash windows of skyscraper
high rise window cleaning

High-Rise Cleaning in Salt Lake City With Spotless Results

Keep your high-rise building in Salt Lake City looking brand new and bright.
We have been serving businesses and families in SLC for years. Here are a few ways our high-rise services are often used:

High Ceilings
Top to bottom walls
Skyscraper windows (Inside and out)
High level home windows & walls

Thorough, Safe, and Insured

Our high-rise cleaners are fully trained and our equipment is fully tested.

Our staff can maneuver easily without any risk of falling, so they can focus on making your building absolutely flawless from the ground to the sky. Contact us for residential or commercial high-rise jobs.

Keeping our professionals out of harm’s way helps us fulfill your quality expectations, so we stay in complete compliance with OSHA standards.

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