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Day-Porter Service

Jani-Serv, Inc. would love to give you a quote for day-porter service at your Utah business. You may be surprised to discover how affordable it is to maintain your facility with a commercial day-porter.

We can come in to clean after hours so that every morning you get to come into an office like new. Contact us for a personalized quote!

Environmentally-friendly commercial cleaning that is tailored to meet your needs.
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Clean Office Increase Productivity

Improve Office Morale
Your employees will relax in their office environment and leave room for more creative productivity.
Hiring a day-porter for your business will boost your employee satisfaction. Sickness will be reduced in the office, and the overall office experience will be improved.

Stop stressing over disposing of paper waste, keeping work areas tidy, or preventing the spreading of illnesses within the office. With a commercial day-porter, all those worries are already solved.

Attract Potential Customers
With a clean lobby or office space, customers will feel welcomed and comfortable.

Focus On More Important Matters

Day porter cleaning services in utah can enable you to thoroughly clean your office in a matter of hours. The primary benefit of utilizing a day porter cleaning service is that it allows you to find the time for other more important matters. If you are tired of dust and trash created by common cleaning products like bleach, ammonia, window cleaner and cleaners, as well as toxic fumes from mold remediation; then it might be time for you to hire professional cleaners from Day Porter Utah.

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