Post-Construction Cleaning in Layton, UT

Post-Construction Cleaning in Layton

Have you recently finished construction and need a clean up crew to clean up all the dust, debris and things left behind? We have your back with our post-construction cleaning in Layton! Our team does stellar work to make sure your area after construction looks its best! Jani-Serv deep cleans your projects and makes sure we provide exceptional services for you! Our team will make sure to go above and beyond to clean up the dirt, debris, and dust that comes after construction. We love doing your post-construction in Layton, Utah. Call to get your free quote for post-construction cleaning in Layton today!

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  • Remove and clean up any large items the construction company left behind.
  • Part of their contract might be to remove the trash and debris that the construction company didn’t have time to dispose of. 
  • Wipe out cabinets, as well as their doors, front and inside of drawers. 
  • If the front looks too dingy, they might have to apply a coat of wood conditioner to give them a natural glow.     
  • Wash windows, both inside and out. 
  • Ensure the windowsills are clean and free of debris 
  • Remove and clean screens, if necessary. 
  • Vacuum and wash hardwood, tile, and vinyl floors post installation
  • Commercially clean carpets using a machine
  • Cleanup large debris on the floor
  • Clean sink and shine faucets 
  • Sanitize toilets, adding chemical “self-cleaning” tabs, if appropriate
  • Clean showers with commercial chemicals, ensuring they’re free of water spots 
  • Ensure the outside is free of construction debris such as nails, screws, broken glass, and aluminum from window wrappings the construction company missed post installation
  • Power wash the exterior of the building if a painting wasn’t done (some companies do this, others don’t)
  • Cut grass, trim trees, clean sidewalks by sweeping, spraying down with a hose (some companies do this, others don’t)

These categories of post-construction cleanup should not be construed as a comprehensive checklist of every task that may be performed.

Post-Construction Cleaning in Layton staff

Our goal is always customer satisfaction as well as making you feel valued as a customer. Post-construction cleaning can be exhausting, especially after all of the hard construction work that was done. Making your place shine is our specialty! We want to do your post-construction cleaning in Layton the best, that is why we always hire the best employees who promote our values as a company! Our team will always strive its best to meet your post- construction cleaning needs as well as leave you satisfied with the cleaning that we perform.

Post-Construction Cleaning Company that cares!

We know you have deadlines to meet and your time is valuable, so we will always strive to work with your schedule. Jani-Serv values our customers, and always strives for your satisfaction after we have done your post-construction cleaning in Layton. There are alot of other companies you could choose, but we know if you choose our post-construction cleaning in Layton, there will be no doubt in your mind that you made the right choice! Jani-Serv wants to do your post-construction cleaning in Layton today! Call for a free quote for our post-construction cleaning in Layton, and we guarantee you will not be disappointed!


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