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We are a top-rated commercial cleaning in Goodyear, Arizona. Jani-Serv, INC. has served their community’s trusted customers with professional industrial cleaning. If your building is a single office space or an industrial facility sector, our professional janitorial staff takes care of everything. We start from the initial point and go through all the doors, hallways, rooms, and offices of your commercial space to properly clean everything. 

We have been hiring expert cleaners from the start and giving them the latest up-to-date training. Therefore, this is the main reason our customers trust us. We hire professionals who have been certified for quality assurance. We update our cleaning supplies and equipment for fast service delivery. Since commercial maintenance and cleaning is different than residential cleaning, their professionalism comes in handy.

There is one thing we strongly believe in for better execution of service, and that is clear communication. With this helpful approach, we never leave anything behind. Our customer care staff schedule cleaning appointments by processing the time and place of assignments and customizations if desired.

Jani-Serv, INC. proudly serves in other locations in Utah and Arizona. We look forward to bring our professional commercial cleaning services to you today.


What Your Neighbors Think

Jani-Serve and Jared are great! I have confidence in the service they provide because of Jared. I would recommend them to anybody looking for janitorial services. They do 5 star deserving work.

Marc Pouvave Google Review Icon
- Marc Pouvave

    Jani-Serv has been wonderful to work with. We have contracted with them to clean several of the commercial buildings we manage. They match quality with value and have always been quick to help in anyway we have needed. We highly recommend Jani-Serv!

    Allison Larsen Review Icon
    - Allison Larsen

      If you want a reliable and professional service with incredible customer support, this is your company. Jani-Serv has an incredible team that cares about your needs. I highly recommend them.

      Erik Bowman Review Icon
      - Erik Bowman
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        We understand your busy schedule and we are just a phone call away. Let our experienced cleaners do the cleaning.
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        How We Can Help

        What We Do For You

        From start to finish we offer immaculate commercial cleaning for all kinds of medical facilities in Goodyear. It’s our unequivocal disease control program, our quantifiable quality confirmation, our profoundly prepared hygiene specialists, and our unrivaled client assistance that is satisfying clients for years.

        Basically, we are cleaning your workplace, forestalling the spread of irresistible infection, and ensuring you and your patients with high standards of cleaning frameworks. Furthermore, we also have cleaning produces for the coronavirus.

        We have an explicit COVID Cleaning Service in Goodyear. Our program will disinfect your office place based on all CDC guidelines. We also use eco-friendly products and verified chemicals to disinfect everything. 

        At Jani Serv Inc, our commercial cleaning plan entails of; Disease control and avoidance, Reduction of germs and bacteria, Improvement of the medical environment.

        We Stop At Nothing

        To give a rampant clean, our specialists go through a broad, altered approach to meet the particular needs of every medical office, for example, industry-driving contamination control methods. From hand cleanliness and floor purification, to appropriate methods to tidy up working room roofs, our cleaners never stop until our client is satisfied.

        We spend significant time cleaning: Clinical offices, Dental specialist offices, ICUs, Medical clinics, Facilities, Doctor offices, Dialysis centers, General practitioners’ offices, Psychological facilities, Labs, Professional rehabilitation centers. Keeping your patient’s environment and your facility in great health is our duty and we are experts in it.

        Call us today for a booking and ask for a free quote.

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        An Open Schedule Notebook

        Set A Schedule And Let Us Take Care Of The Rest

        Have us come when you need us following that we can make a custom schedule based on your needs. All buildings and commercial spaces have specific needs that demand specific upkeep. Janiserv accommodates any demands and services your building may require. Once we set time to clean, you don’t have anything to worry about. Everything will be taken care of. Due to the fact that we clean after hours (unless you want midday bathroom service), there is no need to raise concern over us interrupting productivity.

        We at Jani-Serv go through all the trouble so you don’t have to. Allow us to take care of everything so you have more time for exploring the beautiful Provo scenery.


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