Post-Construction Cleaning in Ogden

Post-construction cleaning services in Ogden

We take great satisfaction in offering the Ogden region the best post-construction cleaning services. Debris, trash, dust, and other issues caused by post-construction may only be eliminated by a professional cleaning service. We have the knowledge, the personnel, and the resources required to complete the task. We also get rid of harmful substances like asbestos and lead. After a project for a new or renovated building, we relieve the construction business of the cleaning burden. Your business will conserve time and money by working with a post-construction cleaning service. For a free quote, contact us right now!

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  • Remove and clean up any large items the construction company left behind.
  • Part of their contract might be to remove the trash and debris that the construction company didn’t have time to dispose of. 
  • Wipe out cabinets, as well as their doors, front and inside of drawers. 
  • If the front looks too dingy, they might have to apply a coat of wood conditioner to give them a natural glow.     
  • Wash windows, both inside and out. 
  • Ensure the windowsills are clean and free of debris 
  • Remove and clean screens, if necessary. 
  • Vacuum and wash hardwood, tile, and vinyl floors post installation
  • Commercially clean carpets using a machine
  • Cleanup large debris on the floor
  • Clean sink and shine faucets 
  • Sanitize toilets, adding chemical “self-cleaning” tabs, if appropriate
  • Clean showers with commercial chemicals, ensuring they’re free of water spots 
  • Ensure the outside is free of construction debris such as nails, screws, broken glass, and aluminum from window wrappings the construction company missed post installation
  • Power wash the exterior of the building if a painting wasn’t done (some companies do this, others don’t)
  • Cut grass, trim trees, clean sidewalks by sweeping, spraying down with a hose (some companies do this, others don’t)

These categories of post-construction cleanup should not be construed as a comprehensive checklist of every task that may be performed.

Why Jani-Serv?

At Jani-Serv, we believe it is our duty to uphold outstanding environmental standards and do business sustainably. We take great delight in guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction. We have more than 20 years of expertise with numerous firms across a variety of sectors and technology. Our post-construction cleaning services will be beneficial, we’re sure of it. Dust, debris and miscellaneous garbage post-construction will no longer be a problem. We provide the required knowledge, staff, and tools to keep your construction site or facility beautifully clean. It shouldn’t be expensive to clean your construction site! Get a free quotation from us for post-construction cleaning services in Ogden right away!

Comprehensive Services

Our comprehensive post-construction cleaning services are broken down into three primary steps:

1. Initial Cleaning: We evaluate the situation to determine the level of cleaning services that are needed and in what order. This first phase entails basic garbage and debris removal and labeling upcoming repairs for all of Ogden.

2. Secondary Cleaning: This stage entails thorough cleaning of all surfaces, including windows and cupboards both inside and out. During our “secondary cleaning,” we also perform quick fixes like removing scuff marks.

3. Final Cleaning: We are renowned for our final cleaning procedure since it always astounds and delights all of our Ogden clients. We make sure every surface is spotless before we depart the building site. To guarantee a spotless environment, we use our industrial vacuums.

Allow us to handle the cleanup after construction. We have been Ogden’s go-to industry specialists for the past 20 years. Test our reputation by requesting a free quote right away.


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