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Post-Construction Cleaning Services – What is it?

The idea behind a post-construction cleaning service is that it removes the burden of cleaning from the construction company after a project for a new or remodeled building. Sure, at the end of every day, they need to make sure the place isn’t a mess and free from dangerous materials such as asbestos and lead at the end of the job. However, such comprehensive services as a company that deals directly with post-construction cleaning are beyond the scope of what they do. 


A post-construction cleaning company will do a better job because they have the expertise, the people, and the equipment to clean a site after the work is done properly. Post-construction cleanup leaves one less worry for construction companies to worry about.  

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What are the Types of Things Post-Construction Cleaning Services do?

  • Remove and clean up any large items the construction company left behind.
  • Part of their contract might be to remove the trash and debris that the construction company didn’t have time to dispose of. 
  • Wipe out cabinets, as well as their doors, front and inside of drawers. 
  • If the front looks too dingy, they might have to apply a coat of wood conditioner to give them a natural glow.     
  • Wash windows, both inside and out. 
  • Ensure the windowsills are clean and free of debris 
  • Remove and clean screens, if necessary. 
  • Vacuum and wash hardwood, tile, and vinyl floors post installation
  • Commercially clean carpets using a machine
  • Cleanup large debris on the floor
  • Clean sink and shine faucets 
  • Sanitize toilets, adding chemical “self-cleaning” tabs, if appropriate
  • Clean showers with commercial chemicals, ensuring they’re free of water spots 
  • Ensure the outside is free of construction debris such as nails, screws, broken glass, and aluminum from window wrappings the construction company missed post installation
  • Power wash the exterior of the building if a painting wasn’t done (some companies do this, others don’t)
  • Cut grass, trim trees, clean sidewalks by sweeping, spraying down with a hose (some companies do this, others don’t)

These categories of post-construction cleanup should not be construed as a comprehensive checklist of every task that may be performed.

Stages of Post-Construction Cleaning

There are three stages of after-construction cleaning: initial cleaning, secondary cleaning, and final cleaning. Each stage helps set the stage for the next, with the final cleaning being as clean as possible. 

The steps are exactly the same whether the property is residential or commercial. The only difference? Commercial spaces are just larger and will often need a larger crew to complete the cleaning. 

Here are a few post-construction cleaning tips to help. 

Stage 1: Initial Cleaning

Initial cleaning, sometimes called “rough cleaning,” is where the post-construction cleaning company will assess the situation, making a plan as to what to tackle first and in what order. Timing is important. Cleaning top to bottom will help ensure that the post-construction cleaning company doesn’t need to do double work. Trash and debris will be swept up and removed from surfaces inside cabinets. If “scuff marks” are on the wall, they’ll be noted and tagged. The worst, dirtiest areas will get a quick cleaning, so it is much faster when they do a deeper-level cleaning later. If they’re filthy, the cleaning company may also do an initial floor mopping at this stage to remove things like drywall dust. 

Pro Tip:

Getting the initial layer of dirt, dust, and debris out will make the rest of the job lots easier

Stage 2: Secondary cleaning

Secondary cleaning often called “Light Cleaning” does a bit deeper cleaning than the first time around. The walls will be scrubbed to remove scuff marks. The countertops will be cleaned. The interior and exterior of cabinets will be given a “once over” with a damp cloth to remove dust. Both windows and windowsills will be given an initial cleaning, as well as their screens, inside and out. If the floors hadn’t been washed or vacuumed as appropriate in the previous stage, they’ll be cleaned in this stage. 


Pro tip: 

If the company has an air filter, they may run it for several hours or days to capture floating dust particles while cleaning to dust less later.  

Stage 3: Final Cleaning

Final Cleaning is the “white glove” test. Surfaces will be inspected to make sure they’re immaculate. Windows should be sparking. If the cabinets seem a bit dull, they’ll get conditioned at this stage. Showers and bathtubs will be free of water spots. Carpets will be vacuumed and cleaned with a commercial machine if necessary.    

Why Should I Choose a Post-Construction Cleaning Company?

Post-construction cleaning is detailed cleaning beyond what construction companies typically want to do. It requires an eye for detail that most workers simply don’t have. There may be tips and tricks a cleaning company will use that those in the construction field may not think of – or even know; after all, they’re professionals. 

Post-construction cleaning companies also have the crew to do it. Having your construction crew clean up a work site is an inefficient use of their skills. They’ll very likely take longer and probably won’t do as good of a job as professionals. 

Hiring a post-construction cleaning company will save your company both time and money. In the business world, time is money. Your construction company won’t have to worry about going back out again because the job will be done right the first time. You won’t have to babysit the crew to ensure they’re working. And you’ll have peace of mind knowing they know what they’re doing.

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