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We use top-quality materials and green cleaning methods to give you the best clean possible!

Quality Work That Speaks for Itself

We help you get a fresh perspective on cleaning – from windows and pressure washing to janitorial and carpet cleaning. Our proven methods leave you with the best possible clean every time, and our professional staff provide prompt, friendly, and courteous service.


Window Washing

Professional window washing services from Jani-Serv, Inc, create a shine that doesn’t waste any time!


Janitorial Cleaning

Professional janitorial cleaning services from Jani-Serv, Inc, help efficiently maintain any type of facility.


Construction Cleanup

Professional construction cleanup services from Jani-Serv, Inc. help construction sites stay safe, and emphasize the beauty of new buildings.


Pressure Washing

Professional pressure washing services from Jani-Serv, Inc, create a brand new look to anything you can think of that needs washing.


Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning services from Jani-Serv, Inc, offer a fresh feeling for everyone.


Retail Floor Cleaning

Professional retail floor cleaning services from Jani-Serv, Inc, will help your customers feel comfortable in your sparkling, sanitary retail center.


Green Cleaning

Professional green cleaning services from Jani-Serv, Inc, are the best, and greenest, in the industry!


Day Porter/Matron Service

Professional day porter and/or matron cleaning services from Jani-Serv, Inc. keep your building clean, organized, and safe all day long, so you can focus on taking care of business.

5-Star Rating

Jani-Serv, Inc. is a 5 Star Rated Company on Yelp, Google, KSL, & more!

We are your trusted local janitorial company! We take great pride in providing 100% satisfaction for our customers. It is our passion to provide quality cleaning that exceeds your expectation!

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