Layton City Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services

Layton City is nestled in between Salt Lake City and Ogden, Utah. It is quickly becoming one of Utah’s largest cities. With that in mind, Layton has a healthy commercial and industrial business economy that is in need of professional commercial cleaning and janitorial services. Jani Serv services locations up and down the wasatch front. 

Jani Serv offers a wide variety of commercial cleaning and janitorial services that can be tailored to your individual and business needs.

What can be included in your janitorial service plan:

In Layton there are several different types of industries that are all in need of professional commercial cleaning and janitorial services. Layton has a long history as a shipping and processing center for surrounding irrigated farmlands, now many of its farmlands have been converted into sprawling urban neighborhoods and commercial buildings. Jani Serv caters to some of these unique industries:

 We know that cleanliness and sanitizing is on everyone’s mind, that is why we offer commercial grade disinfecting and sanitizing services. It is essential for your business to have a constant reliable cleaning service.  We take pride in everything that we do. At Jani Serv we want to help you and your business create a welcoming environment for clients and customers.

Do you have a business in an industry not listed that is located in Layton ? Call for a free commercial cleaning consultation and quote!

Our Commercial Cleaning Services in Layton

Hiring janitors for office cleaning helps to keep the space clean and healthy.

We provide top-level disinfecting service  compliant with State Laws, EPA guidance, and CDC guidance.

Professional restaurant cleaning services from fine dining to fast food.

We do all types of cleaning from, debris removal, window cleaning, any type of dust or airborne particles, carpets, rugs, or anything you need.

Few environments need a professional cleaning company more than medical ones. Jani-Serv, Inc. specializes in medical cleaning of all kinds

Whether you have daycare or an entire college campus to be cleaned, we have a cleaning program for you.

Keep your facility looking and operating at its best possible level. Our professionals provide day and night cleaning.

We can handle all your office cleaning needs, from large-scale cleaning to detailed janitorial jobs.

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