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Commercial Janitorial car Dealership Cleaning in Utah

When your job is selling automobiles, your facility needs to reflect the company and your vehicles: high quality. Portraying this starts with cleanliness. So let Jani-Serv Inc. take care of your auto dealership cleaning needs.

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The First Impression Counts

Show your potential buyers that they are taken care of by making sure your facility is taken care of

Our dealership cleaning services are flexible and customizable for your building. Some popular services:

For cleaning that fits your dealership needs exactly, get in touch with Jani-Serv. We can help you create a specialized, custom cleaning checklist, so you get all the services you need and nothing that you do not.

So Why Hire Jani-Serv Professionals?

We understand the cleaning and sanitation needs of facilities in the auto industry

When it comes to auto car dealership cleaning, our services match your needs exactly. We’re familiar with dealership set up. We know where potential buyers spend the most time. We focus on keeping your company looking professional and tidy.

Showing the vehicles in the best way from the street is potentially the first touchpoint between you and a buyer. Jani-Serv Inc. specializes in window cleaning. We’re proficient in high-rise window cleaning, floor to ceiling windows (common in showrooms) and we never leave even a smudge behind.

Our professionals come to clean your location after hours, so that when you are doing showings, your facility is spotless, and you never have to navigate around janitors or cleaners and their supplies.


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