Medical Office Cleaning: Leave it to the Professionals

Salt Lake City is the most populous city in Utah. It is home to many medical offices, clinics and hospitals to take care of those who live in the area. In order to best serve the community and prevent the spread of bacteria, these clinics keep their offices clean and sanitized.  Instead of hiring a […]

Best Janitorial Cleaning Service in Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City, the capital of Utah, is a metropolitan area that is home to many businesses and companies. These businesses draw in many tourists and locals alike, which contributes to the hustle and bustle of the city. It has a strong tourist industry centered around skiing and other outdoor activities as well as large […]

Cleaning and Disinfecting are on Everyone’s Mind as the Delta Variant Spreads

According to the CDC, The United States is once again seeing a rise in COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths. As of July 22, 35% of U.S. counties are experiencing high levels of community transmission. COVID-19 cases are on the rise in nearly 90% of U.S. jurisdictions, and we are seeing outbreaks in parts of the […]

Jared’s version of how Jani-Serv, Inc. Started in 2002

Hey, I’m  Jared Twilley.  Owner of Jani-Serv, Inc. in Utah Why I Started Jani-Serv, Inc. Why did I start a family cleaning service? Finding out that I was going to have a baby in 9 months and I only had 6 months of college, I freaked out! How am I ever going to be able to take […]

Significance of Cleaning Walls and Ceilings

Walls and ceilings are often neglected during routine cleaning because it is challenging to wipe off dust, cobweb, scuff marks, handprints, and other debris or marks on them. However, keeping our walls and ceilings is necessary to keep our workspace and home’s sanitation. In addition to this, it becomes essential to clean them because dirty walls […]

5 Points in Maintaining Commercial Kitchen Floors

The cleanliness of the flooring and surroundings is one of the most essential considerations for restaurants, cafeterias, and other commercial kitchens. Cleaning commercial kitchen floors is highly recommended. Commercial kitchen floors can be easily damaged if it is neglected. Bugs and insects might reside as well if it is not well-maintain. This can be a  […]

Waxing and Refinishing Concrete Floors in Utah

Concrete floors need thorough maintenance, especially in commercial buildings. A well-maintained commercial space helps you impress your clients and customers, which will raise the chance of getting more business and sales. Keeping your floors in their best condition requires several actions to be performed regularly. When you leave your floors unchecked, they will not only […]

8 Advantages Of A Professional-Commercial Cleaning Service

The majority of our hours are spent at work. While many companies hire a cleaning service, the actual cleaning is typically limited, including a fast vacuum and trash disposal. Deeper dirt and dust can still be found in carpets, blinds, and the upholstery of office furniture. In this case, you need the expert’s advice and assistance. Janiserv […]

10 Most Reliable Tips in Office Cleaning

When we go to the office every day, it is very important to have a clean workspace for it can add up productivity. It is very important to maintain and know about office cleaning.  Jani-serv is a professional cleaning company that offers commercial office cleaning. It’s not that easy, and for us to become a […]