3 Reasons to Hire a Cleaning Service for Your Medical Facility

You could leave your SLC medical facility cleaning/sanitizing to your staff. However, their time (and yours) should be spent running your facility and perfecting your patients’ experience. Hiring Jani-Serv for your SLC medical facility cleaning will give your restaurant more visual appeal, save you and your staff time, and take all the stress out of […]

Utah Valley School Cleaning Services

Why Having a Janitor for your Utah Valley School Cleaning Isn’t Enough Janitors stock the bathrooms, they take out the trash, clean spills, and tell kids to “get to class”, but hiring professionals from Jani-Serv Inc. for your Utah Valley school cleaning will give you all that, and even more. Jani-Serv Professionals are Trained to […]

SLC Power & Pressure Washing

Do you want to save yourself hours of work? Do you want to save money? If yes, you’ll want to hire Jani-Serv Inc. for your SLC power and pressure washing. Of course, small household jobs only need some soapy water and a rag. You can also rent a pressure washer for tough cleaning jobs, but […]