Commercial Cleaning Services in West Jordan

Why choose Jani-Serv Commercial Cleaning Services? Do you need Commercial Cleaning Services in West Jordan? Or do you need them in the surrounding cities? Jani-Serv as well provides cleaning services for all budgets and business types. Jani-Serv works on a budget and so do you so, don’t fear we have a plan that will work […]

Why Choosing Jani-Serv Commercial Cleaning Services Over Independent Cleaners?

Why Choose Jani-Serv Commercial Cleaning Services Over Independent Cleaners It would be logical to think that the main reason one would choose an independent cleaning service over a professional one is cost. Jani-Serv makes professional cleaning services customizable and-therefore-affordable. “Cheap” cleaning solutions offer an option but not the best results. As a professional cleaning service, Jani-Serv offers a well-trained […]

Is your life in risk due to a bad medical cleaning?

Healthcare/Medical Practice Janitorial Services for Healthcare in Salt Lake City, Utah When completely clean is a must, count on Jani-Serv and its professional medical cleaning. We are a local, family-owned business with more than 20 years of experience. Our well-trained cleaning crew can handle any job.  Jani-Serv helps you pass the cleaning test. As a result, […]

What makes us the best Office Cleaning Service in Utah?

Office Cleaning Service in Salt Lake City, UT Jani-Serv offers a wide range of cleaning services and office cleaning and sanitation are one of them. You can select from any of our experienced and cost-effective service, which include : Our Standard day and evening services are meant to clean your office without interfering with productive hours. In case […]

Is your machinery in danger of breaking down due to needing manufacturing cleaning?

Dangers of cleaning things on your own  Manufacturing machines need regular cleaning and it can be dangerous. The machines are built to last for a long time. For instance, if dirt and grim get inside it could be a real problem. Jani-Serv, Inc are professionals and it is best to leave the manufacturing cleaning to them. As […]

Why is it better to leave industrial cleaning to the experts?

Industrial Cleaning Industrial cleaning is hard work. Jani-Serv, Inc employees come prepared to make your building look and feel clean. We provide the use of non-harmful chemicals. We strive to do our best to not cross-contaminate things. As a result, we use different color rags for different surfaces. Professional industrial cleaning services from Jani-Serv are affordable […]

Are your kids studying in a clean and healthy classroom?

Classroom cleaning A classroom with germs and bacteria is a very dangerous place for kids. Therefore, the classrooms become dirty, and as a result germs and bacteria grow. As a result, children make messes and spread germs. If your school is in Salt Lake City and you are looking for a cleaning service, Jani-Serv is a great […]

Is Your Gym Cleaning Process Putting Your Members At Risk?

Fitness Cleaning Professional Fitness Center cleaning services in Utah are very hard to clean compared to other states around the USA. Since we live in a desert region and have a lot of dust and debris we need to clean more often. Businesses and gyms all over the Mountain West are noticing this is true. […]